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FIVE 2012 the success of green wine
The 3rd International Green Wine Fair (FIVE) took place this week in Pamplona (Navarra - Spain), with great success. Over fifty wineries, and importers from twenty countries participated in this event, which was organized by the Association of Ecological Agriculture of Navarra (AEN), that points out the moment of "great excitement" that green wine is currently experiencing. In fact, the Swiss Institute for Research in Organic Agriculture states that Spain is currently the largest producer of green wine in the world, having dedicated in 2010, a total of 57,000 ha to organic viticulture (5% of the total production of Spanish wine) of which 29,187 ha (over half of the total) are in Castilla-La Mancha. In addition, last year there were 456 wineries and bottling companies of organic wine in Spain. However, domestic consumption is quite low, as almost 90% of production is exported. The consumer profile of green wine is that of a person with a medium-high purchasing level, with a high cultural level, and resident in countries like Germany, Scandinavia, USA and Japan. The AEN says that these data cannot be assessed within the parameters of the industrialized production, since this crop is related to the quality and natural conditioning (climate and soil type), and the absence of the use of synthetic fertilizers. According to Francisco Robles (president of the Federation of Enterprises with Organic Products from Spain, FEPECO) in the ecological wine sector, demand outstrips supply. In the words of Edorta Lezaun (president of the AEN) "the consumer detects that it feels good, that it's healthier, that it has no pesticides, and it is also environmentally friendly, and the demand is increasing... there is no other secret".   Remember that you can buy some of the best green wines from Spain on our online wine shop
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