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Wines and QR codes

Have you seen any bottle with this kind of code? Do you know how their function?

These are two-dimensional codes known as QR codes (Quick Response) and they are one of the latest technologies that have begun to be used in the labeling of some bottles of wine.

The QR's are not a new technology, since they were created by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave in Japan in 1994 to track vehicles during the manufacturing process, but until now they have not begun to be used in our industry. A QR Code is a two-dimensional code that is primarily used to store alphanumeric data, up to 4,000 letters, numbers and links to websites.

The fact that, after a short time ago, we have begun to use these codes is due to the large use of the smartphone that we can connect to the Internet in an easy and simple way. Thus, this technology allows us to know more about a wine, either in the shop -when it is necessary to make a decision-, at home or in a restaurant while we taste the wine.

In order to use this technology, we must have an application in our Smartphone that allows us to read QR codes. Once we find a bottle with a code, we introduce it and automatically we have access to the information that the winery has wished to offer us

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