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Citadelle Gin Reserve: an aged gin
Citadelle Gin Reserve is one gin which is been made since 2008 and which can be proud of being the only gin worldwide refined for 6 months in oak barrels. Frédéric Gilbert, specialist in Cognac aging, is the one who had this great idea and carried out this project of aging the Citadelle gin during 6 months in Cognac barrels belonging to the Pierre Ferrand Group. He first test with 21 barrels and the result was amazing. The result is then a pale gold gin, very complex, slightly sweet and with marked notes of wood, vanilla and cinnamon. In order to maintain a high quality production, this gin is elaborated in very limited quantities, and as a result it can only be found in a limited number of stores and it often becomes difficult to get it. Finally, and as note of interest, we would like to add that each bottle is numbered, thus identifying the number of bottle and the barrel in which it has been elaborated.
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