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Airing time, can you aerate a wine in excess?
Yes indeed, a wine can be "over aerated". There is no certainty as to the exact time required for each bottle oxygenation, as it depends on factors such as the type of wine, vintage and variety. We could say that a young, quality wine with a solid structure can withstand and even benefit from a sharp oxygenation method, such as being decanted twice. On the other hand, vintage wines with a certain degree of finesse need to be treated with more care. While the airing can increase the degree of complexity of some examples that are in their optimal stage of aging, the opposite often happens in the case of more fragile wines, as many of the delicate notes offered may disappear completely. According to the British magazine "Decanter", some of the wines that participate in events organized by it, are decanted hours in advance, while the more mature and delicate wines are served just before tasting to minimize the contact time with oxygen in the glass. Anecdotally, the same article explains how in a "masterclass", the representative of Château Lafite decanted its wine of 1988 two hours in advance, while the representative of Château Mouton Rothschild preferred not to decant its 1989. Instead, he suggested that the wine should remain in the uncorked bottle for one hour before being served. As you see, in the world of wine, as in everyday life, everyone to his own taste.
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