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Wine Futures - Wine en Primeur

What is "Wine Futures"?
The purchase of Wine Futures (also known as wine "en primeur") means buying the wine before it is put up for sale to the general public. The winery is selling units very limited when it is still developing the wine at a much lower price than the price it will have on the market later.

Why should I have to buy "Wine Futures"?
The advantages of buying in this way are clear: to be able to acquire a wine a much cheaper price that it will have later, and also it will be more difficult to achieve due to high demand.

What are the conditions of purchasing wine "en primeur"?
The wine will be shipped between 12 and 24 months, depending on the wine in question, because each winery will send us when it consider that the wine is in good condition for distribution.
The purchases will be paid by credit card or bank transfer, not accepting cash on delivery payment.
Prices include VAT (for destinations where this tax applies), but exclusive of shipping, that will be paid at the time of shipment (our customer service department will contact you for it).
We reserve the right to allocate a maximum number of bottles per client.

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