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  • Roberto Cavalli Vodka
Roberto Cavalli Vodka

Roberto Cavalli Vodka

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Vodka from Italy produced by the distillery Distillerie Francoli.
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Roberto Cavalli Vodka is a premium vodka made entirely in Italy. It takes its inspiration on the charm of the woman, the eternal muse and style icon of the fashion designer. Cavalli puts in this delicious vodka all his optimism and joie de vivre. Elaborated with the best selection of wheat grown in the valleys where the Western Southern Alps meet the Po. It uses a type of soft wheat that thanks to a higher content of starch, converts the sucrose in a pure form  until the alcohol at distillation is cleaner and more cozy.
The water used comes directly from the slopes of Monte Rosa, whose low natural minerals produce an excellent quality vodka. Alcohol is carefully distilled to obtain the perfect taste.

Tasting notes:
The resulting taste is unique, very clean, neutral and with a touch of cream and citrus zest. The entrance is round and very soft, as a prelude to a dry and clear place. Medium-full body revealing delicate sweet and spiciy notes leading to a long, creamy and mineral finish.


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