List of products by brand Pulltex

Pulltex Pulltap's X-tens Corkscrew


The X-tens Pulltap's corkscrew model is one of the smallest corkscrews thanks to its patented extendible body system, which makes it essy to carry and store.
Upon extending it when used it functions similar to the Pulltap’s corkscrews, since it has the same double lever extraction system, which allows for extracion of the cork in 2 steps without bending or breaking, with great ease and comfort.

Pulltex 40 Wine Essences Set


This set is composed of 40 aromas that are most easily identified in wines: 12 basic aromas for the white wine, 12 basic aromas for the red wine plus 16 complex aromas and defects that can be found in the wine.
The set contains 40 flasks with aromas and a booklet with information needed to learn how to detect certain aroma in the wine.
This article is used for training of the olfative capacity to identify aromas...

Pulltex Cooler


Pulltex Cooler is a reversible cooling bottle wrap, apt for coolillng wine and champange bottles.
Possesses a cooling system which quickly cools the bottle and maintains it cooler for a longer time than ice.
It can be maintained indefinetely in the freezer in order to keep it prepared for the next usage.

Pulltex Pulltap's Crystal


The corkscrew Pulltex Pulltap's Classic remains a true classic to be considered in the wine world.
Its dual lever (covered by international patent) gives the corkscrew guarantees unsurpassed quality and effectiveness.
This model comes with a sleeve with a black leather case inside a metal box gift.
Its finished with Swarovski crystals make it the industry benchmark product both aesthetically and functionally.