The INVINIC philosophy is to offer the maximum guarantee of satisfaction to our clients. This is the reason every single member as part of this great team self-imposed the challenge and the commitment to make it real.

YOU decide what you want to buy

In INVINIC we DO NOT accept advertising of any type nor have commercial agreements with any specialized magazine.
We want to be totally independent, that is to say, we do not express opinions about wines not about wineries.
We only offer you the best tools and information as they come straight to us from the diverse sources (warehouses, specialized magazines, official organisations, etc).
The purpose is that YOU are the one to decide, and not to try to influence your purchase by means of possible interested "advices".
Gradually we will introduce more useful information in order to provide better facts to you.

We take it very seriously

We did our best to take care as much as possible of every detail in all the processes in which we interact with our customers and users, and this is the reason why we try that each and every one of them achieve the expected level, that is to say, the maximum quality.
From a careful design of our Web, use and functionality, quality of contents, purchase and payment facilities, wide range of products, careful and delicate prepacking process, delivery facilities, refund guarantee, customer care service...
All these processes are very important for us, and this is why we do not neglect any of them... with a unique purpose:


Thank you for trusting us!!