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Dimoni Vermell 2010

€6.80 €8.50 -20%
Red Wine crianza from Terra Alta (Spain) produced by the winery Ferré i Catasús with Grenache, Tempranillo, Carignan and Syrah grapes.
Grilled red meats, roasts, game animals and stews would be the most suitable food pairing.
We think this wine needs to be decanted. Serve at a temperature between 12ºC and 16ºC in a Bordeaux type glass for a better tasting experience.

Gargalo Godello 2014

€6.97 €9.95 -30%
White Wine young from Monterrei (Spain) produced by the winery Gargalo with Godello grapes.
Will pair nicely with appetizers, whitefish, rice dishes and seafood.
The shelf life in optimal conditions will be this year.
Serve at a temperature between 2ºC and 5ºC preferably in a Riesling type glass.

Terral 2011

€9.31 €10.95 -15%
Red Wine crianza from Penedès (Spain) produced by the winery Bodegues Sumarroca with Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.
Best pairing would be roasts, legume, aged cheese and grilled red meats.
It can be consumed in perfect conditions from now until 2017.
It needs decanting, and the service temperature ranges between 12ºC and 16ºC preferably in a Syrah type glass.