Delivery time

Between 4 and 6 working days once the order has been confirmed.

Shipping Expenses

We indicate shipping expenses in Euros (this one is an estimation on the basis of 75 cl bottles).

Bottles Price
1-3 49,00 €
4-6 89,00 €

If your order exceeds the number of bottles specified, please, contact us to inform you about the Shipping expenses rates

Transport fees DO NOT include:
Customs office
Taxes or other local expenses derived from the import
Other possible supplements derived from the company as logistics (as remote zip codes)
These charges are included in the customer expenses, and, unfortunately, in the moment of your purchase, it is impossible to find out about all these variables since they do not depend on INVINIC.
If the Shipping fees of the purchase, previously given to you, would change, due to the previously described circumstances, from the INVINIC Customer Service we will contact you to find out the final price so you could confirm it.
If you are not in agreement with the price, we will refund you without any delays the amount that you have paid (in case of advanced payment), and we will cancel the order without any other prejudice for you.