Welcome to INVINIC help section. Here you can find some of the most frequently asked questions that other users make, divided by topics.
If you can´t find the answers to your questions here, do not hesitate to contact us, we are totally at your service.

1.- Questions about the purchasing process

1.1.- How do I buy?

To purchase you need to add each of the desired products to the Shopping Cart.
Then you must click on the button "Proceed to checkout".
You must register or login as you will see next.
If you choose to pay by card or bank transfer, you will get to our payment gateway of our secure financial institution. It is totally safe.
After completing the payment you will receive a confirmation of it and your request by email.
If you cannot find the product you want, please feel free to ask, we are completely at your service. Do not forget that we can get almost any wine in the world you're looking for.

1.2.- What happens if INVINIC doesn´t have stock of the product I want?

In the file for each product you are informed of it availability, so that you can have it available without any problems.
If we don´t have stocks of the product you want, you can contact us to see if we can get it, or if you wish, we can advise you on another one of similar characteristics.
Although we always check our stock and we keep it updated, exceptionally it may be that after making your purchase, a product that you asked for is sold out. In this case, we will contact you to offer a solution. If you decide that without that product the rest of the purchase doesn´t interest you any more, we will cancel the shipment and we will return you the money back (if you had already paid). If you prefer to wait, we'll send you the rest of the products and, once we get the missing product we will send it to you. In this case the cost of this second shipment will run on our count. If the product was finally out our catalogue, we'll refund the full amount (in case you had already paid).

1.3.- It is the purchase process safe?

The process of registration, identification and purchase in INVINIC is absolutely secure.
As electronic payment system, INVINIC is attached to the payment gateway ecommerce Servired through Caja Rural.
All data provided from this purpose is encrypted under the SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to ensure maximum security for them.


2.- Questions about shipping

2.1.- How do I know what the situation of my order is?

From INVINIC we will inform you promptly, by e-mail to the address that you gave us, about the status of your order.
Also, by accessing to the Orders section of your Personal Account, you will see, at any time, the current status of your orders.

2.2.- What happens if my order arrives defective?

From INVINIC we will send you a new order at our own cost, replacing broken or defective products.
Please see our Shipping Policy for more information about shipping and returns.

2.3.- What happens if I'm not home when my order arrives?

To avoid this situation, we ask you to send us the most available data and contact information to arrange a date/time of delivery that will allow you to receive your purchase personally.

2.4.- Can I send several orders to different addresses?

Of course, in the purchase process you can indicate, for each request, the address and name of the person that you want the shipment to be sent to.
This is useful if you want to make gifts. You pay, and the shipment goes to the right person at the delivery address. Without them knowing the final price of the order.

3.- Questions about payment

3.1.- How can I pay?

In INVINIC we offer you 3 possibilities for payment:
    Credit Card
    Bank transfer

3.2.- Which credit cards are admitted?

The cards are accepted according to the payment standards defined by our financial institution.
Remember that INVINIC, to reinforce your safety, never manages electronic payments; it is our financial institution (Caja Rural) who manages all the electronic payments through its own web site.

3.3.- Why am I asked the PIN when I paying by credit card?

We remind you that our payment system is completely secure because it is administered directly by our bank.
The moment you press the button "Safe Payment", you will be directed in our payment gateway of our bank, encrypting your data.
From that moment, it is the bank that owns the card who will prompt you to introduce the payment details.
In some cases, your bank will require your card PIN number to verify your authenticity. Remember that this procedure is the safest, because nobody can use your card without knowing the PIN.