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The best red wines to pair with cheese
Today we will talk about the pairing between the red wine and cheese. Obviously, if we extend ourselves too much, we would never come to an end, so let's try to summarize the most common similarities. Besides from the classic and always successful pairing of Oporto and Stilton or other blue cheese, there are other ways to reconcile different types of red wine and cheese. One option would be the hard cheese made with sheep's milk, such as cured Manchego cheese, with a Rioja Reserve. Even Red Leicester (similar to the Cheddar cheese, organge and brittle) with Bordeaux, for example, or an art commercial Cheddar with Cabernet Sauvignon del Penedès. Another winning combination could be fresh wines from Bierzo with the variety Mencia together with goat cheese. What should be avoided are red wines with high tannin content and highly aromatic variety of Epoisses cheese, blue cheese such as Roquefort, or mature Bries and Camemeberts. But above all it is important to experiment as much as possible and draw own conclusions, as regarding pairing there still much remains to be discovered.
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