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Properties of wines to cellar

As with all other consumer goods, the wine trends and tastes of each era also vary. Nowadays smoother wines are preferred, which can be drunk faster, but in earlier times stronger drinks where more popular, and with influence from the barrel: the wines to cellar.

The first of these wines comes from the first century BC, when the traditional clay jugs were exchanged for wooden barrels, what improved its transportation, and the drink could age better in these containers. The sum of the climatic conditions and the geographical area give this wine a unique character; the fresh climate gives him a good acidity and helps to keep the drink last longer.

Bordeaux and Champagne are two perfect areas for the production of such wines; and in Spain, in the area of Tremp (Catalonia), the monks in the eleventh century already knew that the acidity of their wines would give it a longer life.

The ageing is one of the most important phases for the wines to cellar, which can age both in the barrel, and in the bottle. The closure that is used is also very important. This should consist of natural cork, and develop and age paralell to the drink in the bottle.

During the manufacture of this product special attention to its conservation is paid. The characteristics of the wines to cellar may be lost, and it may become just an ordinary wine.

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