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How to know if the wine is in good condition before opening the bottle
Many friends and clients send us pictures of some of their aged wines, asking if we can tell if the wine is in good condition for consumption or for sale ;) Truly, without opening the bottle and tasting wine, it is impossible to determine the suitability of the wine, although we have some tips that may give us some clues, just looking at the bottle. The bottle label: If the label on the bottle is mouldy, worn by humidity, or excessively dry .... it is likely that the wine has not been kept under the right conditions of temperature and humidity and this may have affected the wine. Loss of volume: This is a term that refers to the possible leakage or evaporation of wine through the cork during storing. If the wine has considerable decrease, it is likely that the cork is no longer in good condition and this may have negatively affected the evolution of the wine. We would like to emphasise that if these two factors are negative it does not necessarily mean that wine "is bad", although it clearly affects the organoleptic properties. As always, we recommend keeping the wine in the best possible conditions, to avoid possible headaches.       “Wine Collection – Del Giglio B&B”. Alex Berger
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