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Happy Birthday Wine Guide: 3 gift ideas for wine lovers
Buying wine as a gift is incredibly popular, particularly for birthdays. We’ve all got a wine lover in our life (probably more than one, to be fair!) and a nice bottle of something special is a great go-to gift option. Not all wine is created equally, though, and not all wine lovers have similar tastes. This is before we even come to budget considerations. Some wines are more expensive than others, often by a considerable margin. What to do? Don’t worry, though. We’ve got you covered. Read on for our Happy Birthday Wine Guide, and shop for birthday wine with ease!  

The Happy Birthday Wine Guide

Let’s take the pain out of Happy Birthday wine buying, shall we? In The Happy Birthday Wine Guide, we’ve compiled three main wine gift ideas that will please even the most discerning wine lover. Whatever your budget, or whatever your friend’s taste, you can adjust and adapt the guide and get a great gift every time!  

Happy Birthday Wine Idea #1: Sparkle Sparkle

Everyone loves sparkling wine. Well, all wine lovers, anyway. This is not exactly a secret, or new information, but if you are in need of a Happy Birthday wine in a hurry: Bubbles will do the trick each and every time. You can spend a lot or a little when it comes to sparkling, from inexpensive Prosecco to always-reliable Cava and even fine Champagne. Of course, you could always get a little obscure and think about English sparkling wine or something, but that’s up to you. Depending on your budget, here’s what we suggest:
  • Best: If you can swing it price-wise, it’s hard to beat a top quality vintage Champagne. With a bottle like Dom Pérignon 2006, no introductions are necessary!

Happy Birthday Wine Idea #2: Rioja Rules

There are a couple of wine regions whose name carries the same weight as Rioja, though none can offer the range of styles and value for money that Spain’s favourite region can. The Happy Birthday Wine Guide likes Rioja because it offers something for everyone, and at every price range!
  • Good: A young, simple and inexpensive Rioja Crianza is always a welcome birthday gift. This style is generous and suitable for just about every palate, and you can get some real bargains too. Azpilicueta Crianza 2013 ticks all the boxes.
  • Better: Age and quality aren’t always tied, but we recommend stepping up to a Rioja Reserva for a more refined Happy Birthday wine. Remelluri Reserva 2009 will hit the mark.
  • Best: Gran Reserva Rioja is a beautiful thing. A mature example from a top producer, such as Muga Prado Enea 2006, makes for an extra-special birthday gift.

Happy Birthday Wine Idea #3: Mix it up!

Finally, you can always treat your wine-loving friend to a mixed case of different wines. The only rule here is that there are no rules! Depending on your budget, pick up a mix of wines from regions like Bordeaux, Ribera del Duero and Priorat, and mix things up to your heart’s content! Get creative: White and red wine together, some sparkling wine and a rosé, whatever you like. Put a few different bottles together and you’re sure to keep your friend happy!   What are your favourite wine gift ideas? Share with your fellow wine lovers below!  

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