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Ferrer Bobet 2009 is now available
Ferrer Bobet 2009 is now available. The new vintage (2009) by Ferrer Bobet is right now on sale. As we have discussed on several occasions, Ferrer Bobet is one of the most innovative and interesting projects located in the Priorat with a very clear philosophy: to respect the soil and the vineyard using modern facilities in order to develop a high quality wine. The result is a noble wine, succulent and complex, rich in scents of minerals and ripe red fruit and very elegant on palate. A wine which focuses on quality and rigorous work, a well-made wine without exceeding the purchase price. Since several years, this wine has won several awards and among these awards we must mention the 96 points given by Robert Parker to Ferrer Bobet 2008. However, we should take into account that -unlike other wineries- at no time they have changed their sale policy and they have maintained the same price as the first day, offering the possibility of continuing drinking it for a very affordable price.
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