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Bellini: a different, sparkling and very refreshing cocktail
After Christmas time, have you left a bottle of champagne? If so, today we would like to propose a simple cocktail, different, sparkling and very refreshing, made with cava: the Bellini. The Bellini was invented in Venice in 1948 by the bartender Giuseppe Cipriani, owner of Harry 's Bar in that city (which has nothing to do with the local in Paris). This cocktail is named after the Venetian painter Giovanni Bellini. The Bellini is made with 1/4 of white peach nectar and 3/4 of champagne or cava. It is a cocktail that is made directly into the cup and should be served immediately. According to Giuseppe, in order to make a good Bellini, we should make some juice, peeling some ripe white peaches, and strain this juice so that there is no juice pulp. Once we have the juice, we add champagne or good quality cava. If you prove to do so, we hope that you may tell us what do you think of that experience.
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