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Beginner’s Guide to Wine

The wine world is gaining more and more followers, many are already experts or at least know the basic rules. Today, however, we would like to dedicate to the "newcomers":

Selecting the right glass: Each wine has its own glass, but basically, the glasses should be transparent, smooth, and have an elongated shape, so that the glass does not warm up while you hold it in your hand. The recommended dimensions are 5-10 centimeters high, and a width of 6.5 centimeters. It should be poured only one-third of the glass, so you can gently swirl the contents, that way you will be able to perceive the colour and the flavor of the wine.

Temperature to serve: To get all of its nuances, the wine should be consumed between 16 to 18 degrees. At higher temperature, the alcohol evaporates, and strong and unpleasant flavors appear. The young red wines should be drunk a little fresh, from 12 to 15 degrees, to highlight its freshness and floral notes. To maintain the temperature, the glass should be hold in the lower part.

The serving temperature for white wines is lower than for red wines. Usually, the white wines are served cold, the rosé wines fresh, and the red wines are served at room temperature.

The opening of the bottle: The bottle of wine should always be supported on the table to open it. The corkscrew has to be turned, not the bottle, to prevent that residues of the cork fell into the bottle. After opening the bottle, you have to let it breathe for a short moment.

A good pairing: With what the wine is best served together? Depending on the flavors and nuances of a wine, the taste of a dish can be potentiated, but it can also result in the opposite.

The age of the wine: An old wine is not always better. A wine that has to be drunk young, is not suitable for storing, otherwise its freshness is lost, and it oxidizes.

Health effects: Wine contains alcohol, and this can harm our body. Recommended is therefore a moderate consumption. With the right amount a wine can even have health-promoting properties.

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