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Wines Festivals in Spain
The Summer season begins and outdoor festivals and celebrations come one after the other, all around the country, some of them deeply linked to the wine culture. Let us briefly sum up some of them: The Battle of Wine (Haro, La Rioja) In the morning of St Peter's day, June 29th, takes place the Battle of Wine in the city of Haro where two, at least theoretically, opposing camps soak each other peacefully, using the local wine as ammunition untill both are fully drenched and purple. This festivity was declared of National Tourist Interest, so be prepared for big crowds. Fiestas del Albariño (Cambados, Pontevedra) Also considered a Festivity of National Tourist Interest, this one is the oldest wine festival in Galicia and the second oldest in Spain. It takes place the first Sunday of August and it exhibits more than 50 stands from local producers. The festival also offers various musical performances, workshops, expositions and fireworks. Grape Harvest Fair (Jumilla, Murcia) This festival, declared of Regional Tourist Interest, was born to honour the wine culture and its importance in the municipality. For two weeks, usually the fist two weeks of August, more than 30 differeent activities designed for all ages take place in Jumilla, including the traditional grape treading, parades and the popular ceremony offering the first grape must of the season. Wine Treading (Logroño, La Rioja) As part of the San Mateo festivities (Spetember 21st), the ceremony is carried out traditionally by two people, dressed in the regional folk costume, arms joined and barefoot, who produce the first grape must to be offered to the Virgin of Valvanera, patron saint of the town. The festivities are quite folkloristic and traditional, we will find more than enough chances for local wine and food tasting, parades, fireworks and the classic bare-hand pelota tournament. Wine Cavalcade (Toro, Zamora) During the celebrations of the grape harvest, the cavalcade takes place the second Sunday of October when more than fifty carts and carriages parade along the old city, laden with baskests of grapes, accompanied by the vintagers in traditional folk costume and carrying traditional farming tools.
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