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Why do some wines have sediment?
Sometimes we have found wines with the so well known sediment. Nowadays, there is still the false belief of this wine being of an inferior quality. Some people even disqualify it by stating: “this wine is pure chemistry”. We wish to say that sediment can form naturally since they come from the salts of the very wine. When the grapes are broken to produce the wine, some salts not very soluble called bitartrates are created forming crystal like structures that due to their weight appear at the bottom of the glass. Some producers in order to avoid this apply treatments during the process such as stabilization or clarification before bottling. We have to say that these processes are applied to less complex wines since they bring along the loss of body and aromas. Thus if we have bought a wine and we see it has sediment the best thing to do is decanting it because even though sediment is natural they bestow a bitter taste to the wine.
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