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What to Eat with Quiche When You Want to Stay Slim
Quiche - that delicious flabby flan. It tastes so good, but you know what they say - a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. Happily, there is a way to make this delicious dish less threatening to your waistline. Eat less of it. At the same time, have more vegetables to fill you up so you won’t crave those egg based calories. But eating healthily needn’t be a grind, as wine makes vegetables exciting by enhancing their flavours. So let alcohol guide you like a kind, devious friend through our guide to what to eat with quiche when you want to stay slim.  


This vegetable has green, nutty flavours. As it happens, aged sauvignon blanc is great with this vegetable, as the more time it spends in a barrel the more nutty, vegetal flavours it takes on. However when you hunt for this wine - be careful. Only the better quality versions will have these flavours, so make sure the blurb on the bottle talks about the wine’s flavour rather than just aromas.  

Green Bell Pepper

When sauvignon blanc is young and unoaked, it has a completely different character. Warm climate versions will have more citrus fruit, but cold climate sauvignon blanc will have more green salad flavours. Look for a sauvignon blanc produced in the last year or so. Palacio de Bornos Sauvignon Blanc from a fairly northerly Spanish region has some of these green salad notes.  


Amontillado Sherry is a wonderful accompaniment for mushrooms. It’s so savoury, and definitely the wine of choice for people who like Marmite. Juan Piñero Amontillado is an affordable option which Robert Parker gave 91 points. Just imagine how well the strips of bacon from the quiche will go with the mushrooms and the sherry.  


This is a rarer grape variety. Yet for those who like their veg, it’s a must. It’s grown in much colder climates such as Austria, Germany, and even Britain, although occasionally a planting was set up in the New World. The young style is best with cabbage, giving green vegetable flavours such as cabbage.  

Black Olive

Strawberries and black olives are one of the more interesting combinations that chefs are turning to. It also explains why rosé and anti-pasti are such a good combinations. At any rate, throw some olives on your plate to go with the quiche, and match with a Merlot/Tempranillo rosé like Heretat Sabartés Rosat, which will have those strawberry notes. The great thing about olives is that they also contain olive oil which fills you up fairly quickly, meaning you’re less likely to reach for another slice of quiche.  


When it’s in season, samphire is wonderful. It has all the crunch of beansprouts, mixed with the greeny flavours of pepper, and with a slight salty tang. If we were complimenting the vegetable’s flavours, you might choose a Manzanilla Fino like Manzanilla La Guita. It also has a salty tang. Yet an off-dry, honeyish Reisling would be a delicious contrast with the salty flavours, and might pair well with the other flavours in the dish.  


All right - this isn’t strictly speaking a vegetable. Yet there are wines that have bready notes, and having a few slices of healthy wholemeal with your meal can fill you up before you get round to the more fattening quiche. Look for an oak aged Chenin Blanc to go with it. The bottle should have developed notes of toast and bread through the oaking process, which would be heavenly with a crusty roll.  


Again, I don’t really think that butter grows in the ground. Yet butter does go nicely with potatoes, which are often an accompaniment to quiche which adds bulk to the dish. Buttery notes are particularly evident in oak aged chardonnay. Try Can Feixes Chardonnay, which enjoyed 8 months in the barrel in contact with its lees, providing lots of lovely buttery notes.  

What to Eat With Quiche When You Don’t Give a Flying Flip

It is of course possible that you quite like eating quiche, and couldn’t care less about healthy additions to the plate. Good for you. Here’s 15 Unexpected and Crazy Wine Pairings for the gastronaut with a daring palette.  

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