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Vinos Valtuille, a fresh wind from the Atlantic
In the heart of El Bierzo, in the village Valtuille de Abajo, is located this small, family winery, founded in 1999 by Dimas García with the help of the whole family. Currently, it is in fact his son Marcos, who leads this small company, but with a clear direction: do a good job, lot of love and care for the soil, from which the grapes come from, and the quality of the final product as the main target. El Bierzo is a historical place in terms of viticulture. There is evidence that even in Roman times, the wine played an important role in the local economy. Currently, this appellation d'origine is one of the most popular among wine drinkers, both because of his personality and freshness, but mainly also because of its quality. Who has not tried a Mencia from Bierzo lately? These are simple wines, fresh, uncomplicated, and that fits well with many foods and meals. Wines that people like to drink. Vinos Valtuille also shares those general characteristics of this area. They are modern, informal and attractive wines. Very well done, they really leave a good impression. Starting with a good Godello, white grape of Bierzo par excellence. Pago de Valdoneje Godello: Like most Godellos from this area, this one is also produced in stainless steel tanks, and after fermentation the wine rests on its lees. The freshness and the natural minerality of the wines from this area get thereby more complexity, influenced by the Atlantic. Vertical wines, tight, which do not leave the palate indifferent. Notes of white fruit, citrus and flowers, combined with milk and silky flavors, as a result of the contact with the yeast. Fits very well with fish, and especially with seafood. Also a young wine should not be missing: Pago de Valdoneje Mencía Valtuille. The full expression of the variety, the soil and the climate in a wine glass! A fresh wine, but at the same vertical and voluminous. Young and fresh, red fruit, then salty and earthy notes. An interesting combination with fish (yes, yes, just try it!) Because with the grape Mencia we can do a lot, also ageing and working with the wood, as in the case of Pago de Valdoneje Viñas Viejas. Much more complex and voluminous, intense on the palate and in the nose, but where the freshness of the variety is preserved, influenced by the climate. And finally the last novelty of the Bodega, the Cabanelas: A very unique wine, very limited production (only 600 bottles), vineyards with an average age of 90 years, which give us a wine must, rich in flavors and nuances. On the palate, especially fresh, then aromatic notes. A rich, delicious, versatile and changeable wine, with a long and pleasant finish, not astringent or dry, it is refreshing and makes you want more. We are sure that if you try these wines, you certainly will like to repeat!
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