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Time to reGINvent yourself!
The Gin is versatile and full of potential, and that's an advantage over the other spirits. It's not just because for the number of events organised by the brands themselves, but also allows you to do countless combinations for all audiences and, with a touch of imagination, you can write hundreds of lines to stimulate interest. For some years now, the Gin plays a wildcard role to balance the income statement. Due to the current crisis, numerous wineries, if not most, have suffered decreasing sales volumes. This has resulted in many of them seeing the Gin as a solution to alaviate the present economic setbacks. A few years ago Gonzalez Byass (Tio Pepe) was already ahead of current events and began to import one of the most appreciated Premium gins, The London no. 1. Meanwhile, Caballero Group became importer of Bloom, Berkey Square and Geenall's. And of course, Torres Group could not stay behind and has bet strong importing Sloane's Gin. On the other hand, other wineries have decided to develop their own Gins, as in the case of Winery Williams & Humbert (Duque de Alba) producers of Botanic Gin. Bodegas Utiel also produces the VLC Gin and Rioja Alta markets Raffles Gin. Seen as it is, the Gin and the Wine sectors, we can safely say that they overlap each other. Long live the Gin!
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