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The sense of smell
At the time of tasting wine, the sense of smell plays a very important role. Without it we could not identify the aromas, flavours and, therefore, it would be impossible to make a credible tasting note. That's why wine tasters need nose training. We all have retained in memory countless aromas that, quite possibly, we had forgotten or perhaps we have never smelled. Wine tasters need this kind of training, which consists on smelling and retaining in memory the highest number of scents possible, to become acquainted with the aromas and to recognize them easily. Pulltex, for some years now, devised a set of aromas that is nothing else than a collection of 40 scents, that include the more characteristic found in wine. Within the 40 basic aromas, we can break down three different groups: white wines, reds and the last, may be the more surprising but no less important, the group of complex aromas and defects that can be found in wine. The set, containing 12 flasks for white wines, 12 for the reds and 16 for defects, also includes a booklet with all the information needed to help us learn, detect and differentiate the wine flavours. With this set we have the whole range of essential aromas at our disposal, ready to begin training and make wine-tasting with success. If you like wine tasting, this is a highly recommended product!
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