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The secret behind chablis grand cru wines
The most famous region for Chablis Grand Cru wines in France is Burgundy and there lies Chablis - the wine district - which grand cru wine takes for its adjective. Unlike grapes produced in a warm climate, the wines that come from Chablis has somewhat strong but with faded fruity tastes. This wine is famous for its unique aroma and taste which it gets due to its oak-less fermentation. Typically, the chablis grand cru fermentation takes place in stainless steel barrels.  

The exclusive production of chablis grand cru

Maturation of Grand Cru and Premier Cru goes hand in hand from generation to generation which is in itself a secret. It normally varies from a producer to producer in the Chablis district. However, it is good to note that the system’s fermentation of chablis grand cru wines somewhat differs from that of white wines. In the Burgundy region, seven locations officially recognised that produces Grand Cru wines, together sprawls over 247 acres of landmass, and one of that overlooks the Chablis district where it is said, the production of chablis grand cru wine takes place.  

Chablis grand cru locations

However, INAO-officially-recognized Grand Cru wine sites lie in Bougros, Vaudesir, Les Clos, Blanchot, Les Preuses, and Vaudesir. The production of wines from all these parts is amount to 3 per cent of annual vine production of the Chablis district. Even though styles of each producer influence the taste of wines in that particular location, it is more so with the characteristics of territorial aspects. Many wine experts are on the view that vine produces in Blanchot is the most valued quality which gives out a floral taste. However, the wine from Les Clos also has an essential taste of complicated ingredients while wine from Grenouilles has a punctured herbal taste.  

Chablis grand cru: UGCC

Wine expert, Hugh Johnson, once said that chablis grand cru wines contain flavours of that of pleasant aged barrelled wines. In March 2000, the Chablis district saw the establishment of L’Union des Grand Crus de Chablis (UGCC) exclusively with the membership of chablis grand cru wine makers. Their sole purpose is to safeguard the tradition and quality of Grand Cru wine making and its sales. Therefore, the UGCC members must submit their products to an exclusive committee to blind taste and approve that the products comply with the required standard.  

Chablis grand cru -Chardonnay grape

They use only Chardonnay grape for producing their vines. The secret of pure taste in the Chablis wine solely lies in simple native methods that regional wine producers employ to produce their wine. The other factor is its terroir factor which is highly chilly. The low temperature helps to preserve the acidity in the soil which in turn gives that exceptional pure taste to regional vines. They taste flinty, and some itemised it as steely. The chablis grand cru is aged for about 15 years which gives its prominent taste and hue to a great extent.  

Chablis grand cru's secrets of pure taste

Today, many international wine brands such as Meursault, Montrachet, and Corton-Charlemagne attempt to take the place of chablis Grand Cru wine. However, the exclusive Grand Cru wines that La Chablisienne Co-operative produces still takes the top most position in the market. Unique climate, regional geographical aspects, unmatched conventional winemaking methods mixed with the modern technologies, and extraordinary pleasant tastes, are the secrets behind its unbeatable position in the market.  

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