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The best red wine gifts for Valentine's Day
Picture this: It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. You and your significant other have a special evening planned. You’ve got dinner reservations at your favourite restaurant, or maybe you’re cooking something special at home. You’ve picked out the sweetest card you could find, and you’ve inscribed it with a beautiful message that is all sweet nothings and romance. Perfect... Well, almost perfect. Like it or not, no Valentine’s is complete without a gift of some sort. This can be a source of tremendous pressure for many of us. It can be surprisingly difficult to pick the right gift for a loved one, and doubly so if it’s a new relationship! Do you give chocolates? A teddy bear? Flowers? Some other cliché gift? It’s a tough one, but for us there is one clearly superior option: Red wine.  

Red wine gifts are the best gifts!

Red is the colour of love, and red wine is perhaps the most sensual beverage there is. A bottle of vin rouge is always classy, and the right bottle will really impress your significant other. Here, we’ve thought long and hard and come up with some of the top red wine gifts that will truly get you in the good books this Valentine’s Day.  

The best red wine gifts for your Valentine

There are a number of approaches you can take here, so let’s walk through some of the best ideas for giving the gift of red wine.  

Play favourites

This one is a no-brainer: If you happen to know your loved one’s favourite wine, give it to them! If that’s a specific wine, great. Most people have a favourite type of wine as opposed to a favourite specific wine, so find that out and you’re golden. Browse wines from Rioja, Bordeaux, or whatever your Valentine likes and you’re unlikely to go wrong.  

Size matters

When it comes to presentation, what’s better than a bottle of red wine? A bigger bottle of red wine. Large format wines make great gifts, and the magnum size is just perfect. Some of our top picks for large format red wine gifts include:
  • PSI 2013 Magnum, a super 1.5 litre bottle from the esteemed Dominio Pingus in Ribera del Duero. This one will seriously impress!
  • Pintia 2007 Magnum is a top Toro wine in a suitably large format. It doesn’t come cheap, but other vintages of this wine frequently cost twice as much, so this represents excellent value for money.
  • Vega Sicilia Único 1991 Magnum is perhaps the king of red wine gifts. Vega Sicilia is one of the world’s premiere wine estates, and this is their Gran Reserva wine in magnum.

Significant dates

Red wine gifts are impressive enough alone, but perhaps the best recipe for success is to combine the wine with a thoughtful nod to a significant date in your relationship. The best way to do this is by picking a wine whose vintage has some sort of special meaning.
  • Your anniversary is always a good bet. Had your first date in 2007? Grab a vintage Bordeaux from that year, such as Château Cos Labory 2007 or Château d’Issan 2007. 2007 was a solid year in Bordeaux but has been outshined by excellent vintages including 2005, 2009 and 2010. This means that you can score top red wine gifts from top producers in this vintage without spending a fortune. If you met during one of the more famous vintages, expect to pay a little more or look to an alternate region!
  Those are our recommendations, now it’s up to you. Do you have any favourite red wines for Valentine’s Day? What approach do you take when selecting a red wine gift for your Valentine?  

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