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The Best Eguren Wines

The prestigious spanish wine critic Andrés Proensa has just awarded 100 points to two wines made by the Eguren Family: La Nieta 2011 and Amancio 2010.

Proensa highlights the amazing trajectory of both bothers, Miguel and Marcos Eguren, in the high end segment of wine making, their "fertile imagination" that has led them to be "the pioneers of a whole new style in wine making that has revolutionized the Rioja wine".

La Nieta 2011 is described as "a serious, sophisticated and very stylish wine", "a harmonic force, well integrated, full-bodied and racy, fleshy, round, ample and long"

At the same time, Proensa emphasised the qualities of Amancio 2010 "a grand wine with a big future", underlining its character "structured, well balanced, luscious and full-bodied".

Both wines are made following an elaborated, traditional process; manual de-stemming and traditional grape treading, for a production of barely 4.000 bottles.

At INVINIC we have a wide selection of some of the best wines produced by Marcos and Miguel Eguren in the wineries of their property: Sierra Cantabria, Teso la Monja, Viñedos de Páganos, Dominio de Eguren and Señorío de San Vicente.

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