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Relax with a harveys bristol cream
Clearly, a British tipple, Harveys Bristol Cream, comparable to other excellent fortified sherries and despite its “old fashioned” reputation has not died but remained religiously steadfast over the years more familiar with the older folk during festive occasions or best served quite chilled as an aperitif before a meal. Similar to this, are some excellent Cream Sherries in the market that has evidently withstood the test of time. You want high value, then you have it with its blend of a bouquet full of nutty and raisin flavours and with a hint of oak coming through, such are the fortified Cream Sherries that makes it perfect for entertaining to have it mixed, but is in fact quite tasty on its own. There are suggestions that it is possible to combine the cream sherry with lemonade and other similar minerals. The products permeate a rich aroma of spices but give a slightly sweet taste irrespective of whether it is served chilled or otherwise.  

What does a fortified sherry mean?

The ingredients for a cream sherry is blended and exported as a fortified sherry of Spanish or Portuguese origins. Often, the fortified sherry contains a mix of three types of Sherries, Amontillado, Oloroso and Fino. However, its sweet tastes come from a blending that takes place later with the addition of Moscatel or champagne for instance. There are yet, different styles of fortified Sherries developed that include Madeira, Marsala, Port and the aromatised wine, Vermouth. The maturing of all these wines takes place in soleras, a system founded centuries ago. Averagely, the ageing has taken about three decades. The addition of about ten percent of Pedro Ximénez is the secret behind the slight sweetness of the cream spirit on the tongue.  

Aroma and taste

Many would feel the oak matured nutty scent as well, while wine lovers will not miss the aroma of Oloroso, which, however, is hidden under the treasured other scents of the blending. Most would sense a slight excess of sweetness when they taste a Cream Sherry that caramel and hazelnuts provide them, more like a liquefied Christmas cake! However, one will hardly detect a mixed taste of Amontillado and Fino. A fortified wine means, the process of fermentation is halted at an early stage and a small quantity of brandy added to increase the content of alcohol in the wine.  

The range

The range of well-loved Sherries such as Palo Cortado, Moscatel, Pedro Ximenez, Oloroso, Manzanilla, Gran Barquero Fino, Cream Dulce, and Amontillado are all highly popular, exclusive brands around the world. Amontillado is a sherry that is complex and pungent, formed when the Fino is aged, and the flor has died off and exposed to the air. Its complexity of aromas ranges from vanilla to roasted nuts and old leather. Their unique tastes with layers of energy lifting sensations remain unmatched and impressed on your mind. Best served fresh and chilled. It goes well with hard cheeses, salty green olives, cured meats or anchovies either fresh or jarred, on the side.  

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