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Purchase of Wine Futures

The concept of purchase of Wine Futures, or En Primeur, consists in buying the wine before it is even bottled and hits the market for the general public through the conventional retail channels: specialized stores, supermarkets, hotel establishments, ...

Some wineries often put up a very limited ammount of units when the wine is still ageing in the barrel, offering the product at a considerably lower price than it will later reach, once on sale to the general public.

The wines offered en Primeur are normally in high demand from consumers and wine enthusiasts, producing old and new vintages to exhaust. Furthermore, bacause of the scarcity, when the wine hits the market the price may double or triple the amount charched en Primeur. Customers buying en Primeur ensure the availability of the product at a much better price.

At INVINIC you can also find this option available for up to 44 different wines -Teso La Monja, Artadi Viña el Pisón, La Faraona o el PSI 2013, among others- You can purchase en Primeur until 20 July 2014. Please remember that these wines are an exclusive product that you will not find in regular shops or physical points of sale nor at a better price. All reservations made will be delivered after october 2015.

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