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"Passion for wine, joy for life" Paco&Lola

An Albariño dressed in polka dots, by a winery named after a poet: Rosalía de Castro. The winery, born in the cradle of this white varietal, the Galician district Valle del Salnés, under the famous Appellation of Origin Rias Baixas, owns over 200 hectares, divided into 2,000 small plots.

They are committed to evolution by combining tradition and modernity, which they believe is the key to their successful entry into the international market, where they sell more than 60% of their production. Their motto:"Passion for wine, joy for life".

Paco&Lola is the most cosmopolitan Albariño, cool and fun. It is a smooth wine, fresh and aromatic, rich in pleasant green apple notes, citrus fruits and aromatic herbs, over a floral background.

The winery is supported by 456 shareholders that constitute the Winery Cooperative Aurousana, the main cooperative in Rias Baixas and also part of the project Life+Atlantic Vineyards, advocating sustainable production and minimizing the environmental impact that may result in the wine-producing activity.

Here you have the info leaflet at their website.

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