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Jay Miller quits The Wine Advocate
After the controversy arose over some suspected charges made to the Regulatory Councils by conducting tastings, Jay Miller, colaborator of Robert Parker and responsible for tasting and valuing Spanish wines, has announced that he quits The Wine Advocate. In an article published in eRobertParker.com, Parker has said: "After several months of consideration, Big Jay, who has done a complete and professional work in order to give the proper attention to and to cover new wine producer regions such as Spain, South America and the Northwest Pacific, has decided to return to the wine consulting, teaching and retail sale of wines." Miller says he will return part-time to 604-bin –a wine-shop- and that he will work on a book and he may also start a blog about wine. Parker himself has said that this accusation was repeated on another occasion and that there were no grounds to prove that allegation. In any case, result of the controversy or not, Miller leaves office and will be succeeded by Neal Martin, who, from now, will be responsible of tasting and valuing Spanish wines.
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