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IV Annual Exhibition of Premium Distillates & II Annual Cocktail Exhibition by Peñín Guide
The Peñín Guide is one of our models when talking about wine, but also when it comes to distillates. It has recently taken place in Madrid its yearly meeting with the world of coktails and spirits, in an era in which this trend is more than ever on the rise. The figures leave little doubt, the event was attended by more than 170 product brands just in the venue dedicated to Premium Distillates. More than 940 references were offered taste and sample between gins, vodkas, whiskeys, rums, tequilas, pomace brandys and pisco liqueurs in the Cocktail Salon and more than 800 participants despite the event was only open to press and industry professionals. It was a year of consolidation. For the first time this year, there was an area devoted to Mixers in which different soft drink brands, bitters and juices were able to share a common work space with distillates. In addition, there were talks, workshops and discussions concerning new trends and even a Master Class provided by the DO Brandy de Jerez, the producer with a stronger presence in this year's edition, followed by gin, whiskey, rum and vodka. Until the next edition, you can find a great selection of spirits in our store, what is your favorite?
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