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How to Make the Perfect Mojito
Summer is here and the temperatures indicate it is time to enjoy, in good company, one of the most popular cocktails in the world: the Mojito. Born in Cuba, this cocktail originates in an aristocratic Club of the 19th century La Habana and its key ingredient was Angostura Bitters instead of Rum, as at present. The recipe we share today is the classic mix, using Rum instead of the original Angostura, and you can do it at home with professional results. Ingredients: 50 Ml. Cuban Rum 25 Ml. Natural Lime Juice 1 Lime for decorative purposes 6-8 Mint Leaves. 1 Teaspoon of White/Brown Sugar Soda Water (7Up or Sprite would also do well) Crushed Ice Method: 1.- Put the fresh mint leaves at the bottom of the glass together with and a teaspoon of sugar. 2.- Slightly crush the sugar and the mint with a pestle or a spoon, to bring out the mint flavour. 3.- Add the lime juice and stir a little. 4.- Now, we add white Rum and the crushed ice. 5.- Finish it up with a splash of Soda or Sparkling Water. Some also use Tonic Water, for a different touch. Et voilà, the perfect mojito is ready to enjoy with your friends and folks this Summer. Cheers!
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