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How to differentiate wines according to colour: White Wines
In a previous posts we talked about how to differentiate wines according to colour, now we would like to approach the range of White wines. Which ones would you like to take home?.   LIGHT-BODIED WINES Light-bodied wines exhibit a colour ranging from yellow to very light green with a light silvery sheen. This type of wine tends to be rather acid, but it is the best when served chilled. See for yourself: Palacio De Bornos Verdejo 2012 Corazón Loco Blanco 2012   MEDIUM-BODIED WINES. Most white wines fit into this category, these wines show a slight golden colour with platinum glow. They have a moderate acidity. For example: K-Naia 2012 TerraPrima Blanc 2011   FULL-BODIED WINES These are wines with a low acidity and very rich in flavor, in a still glass they present a rather ochre colour. You may try: Nun Vinya Dels Taus 2011 Albariño de Fefiñanes III Año 2010   YOUNG WINE. In a still glass, we notice a pretty saturated, bright, yellow color. On the palate, high acidity and fresh flavours. As for example: Paco & Lola 2012 Torres Viña Sol 2012   AGED WINE. These wines present a duller, yellow colour in the glass, colorless than the previous ones, the tones range from yellow to brown. They are also sweeter and has lower acidity than the prior ones. As we can see in: Coma Blanca 2006 Chivite Colección 125 Blanco 2008 Source:  

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