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Gosset Champagne is the oldest house in Aÿ - but is it the best?
Gosset Champagne has the distinction of being the oldest Champagne house in Aÿ. Founded in 1584, Gosset Champagne initially made red wine and started to make sparkling Champagne in the 1700s. With quite good reason, the house is held in high esteem amongst its neighbouring establishments in the commune of Aÿ.  

Aÿ: The home of Gosset Champagne

Located in Champagne’s Vallée de Marne subregion, Aÿ is one of the region’s most prestigious communes and production areas. All vineyards here have Grand Cru Champagne status, and top houses like Gosset Champagne produce a wide range. Growing conditions here are excellent due to the region’s south-facing slope which extends to the Marne river opposite the city of Epernay. Deep chalk soil here, and throughout Champagne, provides great drainage and leads to some of the region’s very best wines. While most of the bigger Champagne houses can be found in Reims and Epernay, Gosset Champagne calls Aÿ home - and has some enviable neighbours!  

Gosset Champagne and its most famous neighbour

Aÿ has been home for Gosset Champagne since 1584, back in the days of Pierre Gosset. Gosset was the alderman of Aÿ and founded the house of Gosset Champagne humbly as a producer of mostly still red wines. Before long, the house was making top quality sparkling wine. Over the next four centuries, Gosset Champagne would be joined by a number of high-profile neighbours, with one being particularly prominent:

Champagne Bollinger

Known as a favourite tipple of James Bond’s, “Bollie” is a prestigious Champagne house founded in 1829. Its headquarters are in Aÿ, not far from Gosset Champagne HQ. Bollinger produces a range of Champagnes, from non-vintage all the way up to prestige cuvées. Comparing quality between Bollinger and Gosset may be a matter of opinion, though Bollinger’s international profile is certainly higher.

Bollinger vs. Gosset Champagne: How do they compare?

It’s not easy to compare wines side by side, as so much will come down to personal preference. Even still, let’s take a look at how Bollinger and Gosset Champagne compare. You can make up your own mind as to which is the best!
  • Both houses have a signature non-vintage wine. Bollinger Special Cuvée, is one of the world’s most recognisable NV Champagne. Gosset Champagne Excellence is the older house’s equivalent. Let’s call this one a draw.
  • In terms of history, Gosset Champagne has got the edge here. Bollinger is by no means a baby, but it’s the newcomer on the Aÿ block, relatively speaking. French winemakers like to talk about savoir-faire, the sort of know-how acquired through experience. Both Champagne houses have plenty, though let’s say that Gosset has a little more!
  So, who do you like? Both Bollinger and Gosset Champagne are quality, respected producers in the Aÿ region. They have some local competition in the form of Champagne Ayala and Champagne Deutz, among others. It’s hard to pick a favourite, and the good news is that you don’t have to! Champagne is about fun and celebration, after all. Cheers! Have you ever visited Aÿ or the Champagne region? Tell us about your trip below!  

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