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Forvm Vinegar: four fabulous acetic
Originated more than 5000 years ago in the Orient, it was the Romans and Greeks, who gave the vinegar culinary use. Its name comes from the Latin (vinum acre - sour wine), because the vinegar was then made with sour wine. Nowadays vinegars are made from different ingredients (among other things, from Cava, apple or rice). But our present article focuses on four culinary gems, made by the Bodega Augustus Forum, from Tarragona, which uses the best wines to produce unique vinegars. Forum Cabernet Sauvignon 250 ml Vinagre Forum Cabernet Sauvignon Made with premium wines of the variety Cabernet Sauvignon, this product remains for more than 8 years in the barrel, and is the ideal condiment for salads, sauces and desserts. Forum Chardonnay 250 ml Vinagre Forum Chardonnay Made with wines from the Chardonnay variety, it is a mild, light vinegar, with a sweet aftertaste. Ideal for fish and seafood. Forum Merlot 250 ml Vinagre Forum Merlot The most recent from this Bodega, made with the variety Merlot. This vinegar is not aged in barrel, and on the palate it retains its vibrant flavor. Reminiscent of red fruits, strawberry and cherry. Thanks to its strong color it is perfect for salads and sauces. Flavius Reserva 250 ml Vinagre Forum Flavius The oldest vinegar in this collection (20 years), aged in oak barrels, in the midst of Augustus Forum vineyards. With limited production, this vinegar has a great character, and is suitable for even the most elaborate recipes.   Vinegar has many culinary applications, for the storage of food, to marinate meat, or to highlight the flavor of a sauce, or a dessert. In the coming weeks, we will bring you several recipes that will surely be a pleasure for your senses. Bon Appetit!
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