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Food pairing ideas for Pedro Ximénez Sherry
Sherry is versatile, available in all manner of styles and to suit all palates. Dry, sweet and in between, there is surely something for everybody. Whether it’s as an aperitif, a digestif or with a meal, there are many occasions to enjoy a glass. But is Sherry really good with food? Short answer: Yes. However, there are some considerations to keep in mind, particularly when it comes to sweet Sherry.  

Food and sweet Pedro Ximénez Sherry

If you like your Sherry on the sweeter side, such as a Pedro Ximénez Sherry, you’re not alone. In fact, there’s a lot to like: The best examples are luscious dessert wines with excellent mouthfeel and huge concentration of flavours ranging from dried fruits, figs and raisins. There’s a lot of flavour and substantial residual sugar. The body and sweetness can present a challenge when it comes to food pairing, but we have you covered with some top ideas.  

Pedro Ximénez Sherry with Dessert

They don’t call it a “dessert wine” for nothing, and Pedro Ximénez Sherry is most at home alongside rich and sweet dessert dishes. This may seem obvious, but there is a lot of choice within this. Consider some of our favourites below, though by all means get creative yourself.
  • Cheesecake, in various flavours, goes great with Pedro Ximénez Sherry. Given the sweetness of the wine, a cheesecake with slightly bitter flavours such as a lemon cheesecake, or a dark chocolate cheesecake with a high cocoa content - think 70% intensity or higher to really create an intense counterpoint between food and wine.
  • Christmas pudding and other Christmas desserts. At Christmas time, Pedro Ximénez Sherry is a lifesaver to have on hand when it comes to dessert, as it will pair with virtually anything you might have whipped up! A Christmas pudding is usually a superb match, as its flavours are really quite similar to the wine itself.
  • Dark chocolate generally matches well with sweet Sherry, its bitterness standing up to the luscious wine to create a beautiful meeting of flavours in the mouth.
  • Dried fruits, presented for example in a dried fruit compote or dried fruit tart, will complement the similar flavours in the Pedro Ximénez Sherry.
  • Pungent blue cheeses are your friend here. Serve a Pedro Ximenéz Sherry instead of a Sauternes next time and see which you prefer.
  • Vanilla ice cream and Pedro Ximénez Sherry, specifically the latter poured over the former, is a match made in heaven. Seriously, just try it!

Pedro Ximenéz Sherry to try with food

Now that you have some ideas of the food you’ll serve, it’s time to pick out a wine!
  • Hidalgo Pedro Ximénez is a great place to start. From a reputable producer, at a fair price and with solid scores behind it (92 points from Wine Spectator and 88 points from Guía Peñín), this one will give you a good representation of the PX style. At this price, you could experiment with some or all of the above food pairings in advance of a dinner party, and find out which is your favourite.
  • Colección Roberto Amillo Pedro Ximénez is a big step up in quality, and boasts an impressive 95-point score from Guía Peñín. This one is not for experimenting with (unless that’s your thing, and more power to you if so), but is a seriously impressive bottle to present to your guests. This Pedro Ximénez Sherry on top of vanilla ice cream is something that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

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