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Choosing the right wine for a gift
Perhaps one of the best gifts that can often be offered is a good bottle of wine. Giving a bottle of wine is an elegant gesture that is sure to be right, and the recipient, generally, appreciates the value of such gift. But when giving a bottle of wine, it is important to consider personal taste and also the receptors profile: gender, age, personality, personal relationship with the person. The chosen wine should adjust to the characteristics of the person who will receive it. Today, we have the comfort of the online stores, which are open 24/7 and accept multiple payment methods. Buying wine online has become commonplace for many people today. Buying wine online is very simple: you choose the wine, you pay and you send it. However, it is necessary to know a little about wine and to compare the offer in order to make the best choice at the best price. To make the best deal possible, there are certain aspects to be taken into account. The shop chosen to make the purchase is the first important factor to consider. At first, this may seem a minor issue, but factors such as storage conditions and stock rotation can influence the quality of products. On the other hand, the variety of supply and prices of, both, products and transport costs, are factors that will condition the purchase. In this, our recommendation is to always go to specialty stores because they know the product and the necessary conditions to preserve its quality. The information on the wine is detailed on the label: designation of origin, vines, varieties, vintage, pairing… and this information can be interpreted easily without being an expert in the field. The vintage is important because it directly influences the quality of the wine. Usually the most recent vintage, especially in whites and rosés, reduces the possibility that the acidity of the wine is too high. The color of the wine is another indicator of its status. In general, red wines that are too brown in color may suffer from an advanced oxidation process. The same occurs with golden-brown color in a white wine, unless this is one of its characteristics. Hence the importance of reading the label and comparing the information. Contrary to popular belief, the price does not determine of the quality of a good wine. There are a variety of unknown wines, new wineries, imported wines or less popular DO, which can give us a pleasant surprise. Moreover, sometimes extraordinary wines can be found at lower prices. This is why we always encourage to experiment and try new and unknown wines… but always informing yourself ahead of the characteristics of the wine. Finally, in deciding the right wine for a gift, there is a very important factor and this is that wine is suitable for any budget, from a few Euros to very high quantities. But don’t forget that the best wine is not always the most expensive. So, with patience, good judgment and recommendations from the experts, you can buy an exceptional wine at a good price. But undoubtedly the best about giving a bottle of wine as a gift is that in many cases, it is shared between who gives the wine and who receives it. It is at this moment when the wine finds its real value, which cannot be bought with money: sharing that moment with family, friends or that special someone… Finally, we recommend visiting our Offers, where you can find a fine selection of wines at affordable prices.
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