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Celebrities with wine cellar
More and more often you can find celebrities, who devote themselves to the world of wine, in addition to their well-known professions, not only as a connoisseur but also as owners or major shareholders of wine cellars. It may have many reasons for these investments: Marketing, glamor or a real passion for this sector. Some of these cellars have a great prestige and offer high quality products. The profile of the celebrities who take the step into the wine industry is very different: Football players, movie and television actors, fashion designers, aristocrats or bullfighters are some examples. The most famous is Gerard Depardieu. The French actor bought over thirty years ago the Chateau de Tigné in Burgundy, France, which has been growing since then. At present, this wine cellar has over 11 different wine brands, and annually produces more than 350,000 bottles. But he has yet another wine cellar, in Spain, namely the Domaine Malesan Espagne with the appellation d'origine D.O. Toro. Another example is Francis Ford Coppola, owner of a wine cellar in California. Good wine and a museum, in which the costumes and props of some of his films are shown, together with his five Oscars, make this wine cellar into one of the world's most visited. In Spain, there are also some celebrities who have become winemakers, such as the football player Andres Iniesta, who has been producing since 2010 wines in its wine cellar in Fuentealbilla (Albacete), under the appellation d'origine D.O. Manchuela, with the brand name of Finca El Carril and Corazón Loco. Other Spanish celebrities with links to the world of wine are: The actor Antonio Banderas, who owns 50% of the Bodega Anta Banderas in Ribera del Duero; the designer Roberto Verino and his wine cellar Gargalo under the appellation d'origine D.O. Monterrei, which became a reference of Galician wines; the bullfighter Francisco Rivera, a shareholder of the wine cellar Liba y Deleite, with its wines "Acontia", or the Spanish TV star Emilio Aragón, shareholder of the wine cellar Martúe, with wines from the appellation d'origine D.O. Vino de Pago. Image source: Bodegas Iniesta
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