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Brief introduction to Australian wines
A few years ago, Australian wines were perfect unknown for the rest of the world, they were only consumed domestically, a factor that has changed radically in recent years, as Australia has become one of the undisputed leaders in the world. It is currently the fourth largest exporter in the world, behind countries with a long wine history such as France, Spain or Italy.   It is recognized for its production of "ferrous" red wines, due to the high content of this mineral in its soils. British settlers were the first to settle in Barossa Valley in the early nineteenth century, and the first to make their own wine. These historic vineyards, which still exist today, have never been affected by phylloxera and produce fantastic wines that are currently highly valued.   The grape varieties that are mainly used to make the Australian wines are: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon and Riesling. Up to 130 varieties of grapes are used to make wine, and almost all have been brought from France, mainly from Italy and Spain. It should be noted that 75% of the wine is exported to other countries, mainly the United States.   The Australian wine region is divided into four states: South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia, although the southern region is the largest wine producer.   Australian wines are best for drinking young and the shiraz grape is the world-famous. It is a solid and austere wine, while refined and elegant. The cabernet sauvignon wine is fresh and pure, with intense fruit aromas, emphasizing its careful elaboration and regularity in the consecutive harvests. The white wines, especially the Sauvignon Blanc, are soft and fresh, of high quality.   Do not miss the opportunity to try some of these amazing wines!
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