Brecon Gin Gold Medal at Iwsc 2011 – Invinic - Luxury Wines
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Brecon Gin Gold Medal at Iwsc 2011
Brecon Special Reserve Gin – the only Welsh gin- has been awarded with the gold medal (Best in Class) at the “International Wine and Spirit Competition” (IWSC) – the most prestigious competition where worldwide spirits participate. We would also like to congratulate them for this award at the IWSC, considered the Oscar award of the spirits world. Brecon Special Reserve is a five distillations gin coming from a distillery located at Brecon Beacons National Park. Only aromatic herbs and a distillation coming 100% from grape grains are used in the elaboration process. This distillation is mixed with 10 botanicals- juniper, orange peel and lemon, cinnamon, licorice, angelica root, orris root, coriander and cinnamon bark- and ground water coming from the natural park.
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