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Beluga gold, one of the best vodkas of the world
Beluga Gold is currently considered one of the best and most luxurious vodkas of the world. Due to the process of elaboration being long and complex this vodka has been released as a limited edition – each bottle being numbered. Hand made in Russia with high quality malt it is fermented with its own natural enzymes without adding any synthetic additives. The water comes from natural springs in Siberia. It is worth mentioning that it has been filtered in a slow fashion during 30 days. Every detail has been taken good care of to the point of creating a top to hermetically close the bottle avoiding thus any possible alterations during its preserving or with the air contact. On the bottle the sturgeon symbolizes the purity and shortage of this vodka. From the very moment of its launching it has been widely acclaimed up to the point of being sales leader in Russia.
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