Albet i Noya renews the image of its 'Classics': now 'Curiosos' – Invinic - Luxury Wines
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Albet i Noya renews the image of its 'Classics': now 'Curiosos'
The winery Albet i Noya presented a new range of wines: 'Curiosos', which is the new image of a wine family formerly known as 'Classics'. After a great deal of design and re-design, the winery has finally opted for the name 'Curious' in order to express one of its vital 'mantras', the curiosity to do things differently, find new vineyards, new techniques ... in short, to elaborate new and better wines. The first wines available for sale under this new denomination, 'Curiós Xarel.lo' -a white wine- and 'Curiosa Rosat' -a rosé-, are both from 2015, and 'Curiós Tempranillo' is a 2014 vintage red wine. With this new image, the winery hopes to move even closer to a faithful audience and capture the concerns of a new, 'curious' wine community. Here's a video uploaded by the winery, illustrating the renovation and explaining the makeover: Personally, we have no doubt the new look is young, stylish and cool .... What do you think?
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