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3 reasons you must visit Château Lynch-Bages
Any wine tour to Bordeaux would be incomplete without a trip to Château Lynch-Bages. Fans of Bordeaux wine will already be familiar with this top Pauillac estate, ranked as a fifth growth in the well-known 1855 classification. To be ranked as a Grand Cru Classé property, on any tier, is a huge deal for a winery. Château Lynch-Bages may be officially on the fifth tier of the classification, though its reputation, its wines and its status as a wine tourism destination are closer to the top of the leaderboard! Anyone thinking of making a trip to Bordeaux anytime soon: Visiting Château Lynch-Bages is an absolute must, and in this guide, we’ll tell you why!  

3 reasons you must visit Château Lynch-Bages

Any serious wine lover won’t need an excuse, but there are plenty of good reasons to make visiting Château Lynch-Bages a top priority next time you’re anywhere near it! We could go on at length, but we’ve boiled it down to three absolutely essential reasons.
  1. Château Lynch-Bages is one of Bordeaux’s finest wines.

    Let’s not beat around the bush: People visit wineries to taste wine, first and foremost. A wine like Château Lynch-Bages may be relatively affordable when compared to the likes of Château Mouton Rothschild and Château Margaux, but it’s still gonna cost you a few hundred euros, at least. This is not an everyday wine - for most of us, at least! Making a trip to the château is a great opportunity to taste the wine without too much expense.
  2. Château Lynch-Bages has a Michelin-star restaurant on site.

    Did that get your attention? Foodies and gastronomic geeks will certainly want to make a reservation at Château Cordeillan-Bages, one of Bordeaux’s finest restaurants. This is the height of Bordelaise cuisine, served in highly memorable surroundings. Each table is unique and adorned with artwork from famous artists. The wine list, perhaps not surprisingly, is superb: The cellar is stocked with around 1,500 different wines, including some of the best red wine in the world. Oh yeah, it’s also a four-star hotel, so there’s that, too!
  3. Château Lynch-Bages has its own living, breathing village!

    So, let’s picture this: You visit the château, you dine at the restaurant and you stay overnight at the hotel. Sounds good. However, Pauillac is about an hour’s drive outside of Bordeaux - on a good day. There’s only so much you can see in Chateau Lynch-Bages’ cellar, right? Well, no. The château itself is located within its own dedicated village, Bages. Visit the Bages village and you’ll find life is bustling. Buy wine at the local cave, or grab a slightly less formal lunch at the brasserie, Café Lavinal. Yes, they’ve got two restaurants at Château Lynch-Bages! Otherwise, take a stroll at this classic Médocaine village, and enjoy all it has to offer.

What if you can’t visit Château Lynch-Bages?

OK, so let’s say that visiting Bordeaux is not an option. One way to recreate the magic of Château Lynch-Bages is, well, by drinking a bottle of the stuff!
  • Château Lynch-Bages 2010 is a 96-point blockbuster wine.

    Pick up a bottle of Lynch-Bages 2010, and you can enjoy the magic of this legendary Pauillac property from the comfort of your own home. Its colour is deep, dense and concentrated. On the nose it has profound fruit aromas with underlying spice, and on the palate it is full-bodied and tannic, yet highly refined. This is a bucket list wine, certainly, and it deserves to be paired with a bucket list food. Recreate the Bordeaux experience with some traditional Médocaine food: Pair this with slow-roasted Pauillac lamb, and savour every second of it!
Buy Château Lynch-Bages 2010!   Want to understand wines like Château Lynch-Bages a little better? Check out our guide for understanding Bordeaux wine labels!  

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