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3 reasons to try Viña Ardanza Reserva
Viña Ardanza Reserva is one of our favourite Rioja Reserva wines, and we’re pretty sure that you’ll love it too. You could just take our word for it, but that’s not how we like to do things. Instead, we’ve thought (and tasted) long and hard, and come up with three reasons that you should really pick up a bottle (or six)!  

Viña Ardanza Reserva: The facts

Before we get into the why, let’s establish a little bit of the “what”. Viña Ardanza Reserva is a Rioja Reserva from leading bodega La Rioja Alta. Its current release is Viña Ardanza Reserva 2007, a blend of 80% Tempranillo and 20% Grenache. As a Reserva, there are minimum ageing requirements involved, but we’ll get to that in a moment. Price-wise, Viña Ardanza occupies a sweet spot of under €20, making it a very attractive prospect for someone looking to trade up without spending too much money.  

3 reasons you’ve got to try Viña Ardanza Reserva

  1. First things first: The producer. La Rioja Alta is one of the region’s top bodegas, and its history dates all the way back to 1890. They’re located in the Estación de Haro neighbourhood of the Rioja Alta region. Viña Ardanza Reserva sits comfortably in a portfolio of premium Rioja red wines, alongside Viña Alberdi, Viña Arana Reserva and the flagship Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904. This producer knows the Rioja region incredibly well, and has the know-how and expertise to produce the very best wine from these vineyards.

  2. Next, the winemaking. Rioja Reserva wines must be aged for at least three years, with at least one year spent in oak. The producers of Viña Ardanza Reserva take this considerably further, however, far exceeding the minimum. We mentioned that the 2007 vintage is a blend of Tempranillo and Grenache. Each variety is aged separately, with the Tempranillo spending three years in American oak, and the Grenache spending 30 months in American oak. The result is an incredibly smooth wine, striking a beautiful balance between oak and fruit.

  3. Finally, and most importantly: Viña Ardanza Reserva is delicious! What do you get when you combine a top producer and some very quality-driven winemaking and ageing techniques? A great wine! The Viña Ardanza Reserva 2007 has a bright cherry colour, showing no sign of oxidation from its extensive time in oak. On the nose, it is highly expressive and shows a wide range of powerful aromas. You’ve got a backbone of ripe black fruits, with layer upon layer of complex spice, vanilla and coffee. On the palate, it is elegant, smooth and incredibly well-balanced. The finish is long and memorable.


Food pairing for Viña Ardanza Reserva wine

Depending on your tastes, this one is really quite drinkable by itself. To fully appreciate its nuanced complexity, however, Viña Ardanza Reserva calls for a good food and wine pairing. It’s a versatile wine and will stand up to most stronger meat dishes, but for us there’s one perfect match: A medium-rare steak. Grab your favourite cut and a bottle of Viña Ardanza, and enjoy!   Have you tried Viña Ardanza Reserva yet? If not, are you intrigued to try it?  

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